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Searching for a job is a tedious process that throws you into the unknown. It’s full of exhilaration and disappointment—often in the same moment. At Open River, we make the journey knowable, and help a candidate see beyond the next turn.

We identify what you do, or want to.

The skills on your resume are important but they are only part of the equation. How you will perform once in that role is also crucial.

Our "What I Do All Day" exercise enables us to qualify your job skills and create a framework for your success. Together, we analyze what you do now and what you want to do in the future. Then we help you get there.

We help articulate your message.

Most people are good at pitching products, services or other people. But when interviewing, you need to describe your own capabilities and accomplishments. That’s more difficult.

Which is why we help you identify the message you want to deliver. We’ve developed a “Portrait Process,” a series of exercises that help you organize your achievements, learn how to talk about failures, and manage the stress of the interview process. You’ll find confidence in articulating why you’re right for the position.

You’ll get quality interviews—the right ones.

Open River goes through a very detailed process with our clients so we understand the roles they are looking to fill. And we have an equally careful system when choosing candidates to work with. This lets us match you with high-quality employers and opportunities, but only the ones we know you’re right for.

We get you the interview, and you deliver the secret sauce. Let’s discuss joining our team.

“[Kirill] clearly puts a lot of effort into not only placing his prospects but more importantly in researching and making certain that the position is right for the candidate and that the candidate is fitting for the position.”
Open River Candidate

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