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Let’s face it. Finding the right hire is like picking a diamond from a mountain of rocks. A typical manager hires 1-3 people a year, and doesn’t see the volume of candidates needed to develop and practice strong interviewing skills. That’s where Open River comes in.
We know how to spot the jewel.

First, we figure out what the job really is.

You can’t hire the right candidate until you accurately define the position. At Open River, we’ve developed a reliable and tested process to produce a clear picture.

Our “Job Canvas” sets aside the traditional job description, and discusses each responsibility and its emphasis so we can prioritize what the job requires. Then our “Impact Chart” looks at how the job’s specific set of activities affects your clients, suppliers, partners and organization.

We turn that qualitative day-to-day outline into a well-articulated job framework.

Then we figure out who you need.

Once we’ve defined the role, we deep-dive into the candidate profile. Using our “Profile Matrix,” we identify the personality characteristics that will excel at the job.

These profiles enable us to recruit people from different industries or backgrounds, with the confidence that they will fit in a new environment. And our feedback mechanism is set up to provide you with continuous information regarding a candidate throughout the interview process.

Our goal is the long-term success of your company. Let us know how we can help.

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“Our top company’s contributors were hired through Open River Group, Inc. These hires have become an integral part of our management team and directly contributed to our shareholder value.”
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