Client & Candidate Testimonials

For 15 years, Open River Group has recruited the best candidates for high-tech and cloud-focused companies. Our favorite compliment is hearing about the success and longevity of the people you hired with Open River's help. We also received a lot of feedback and praise, which we’d like to share here. To protect confidentiality, the names and companies have been removed per our clients and candidate's request.

Client Testimonials

“We have completed multiple searches using Open River Group. They did an excellent job of understanding our company and the detail around the open positions. From there, the quality of the candidates was high and the candidates were properly prepared for the interview process. Open River was very detailed oriented throughout the search and help guide the process to a successful conclusion in a timely fashion.”

CEO / Analytics Company / Open River client

“Thank you very much for all of your help. Though we have only worked together briefly, I am very impressed with your style and professionalism.”

VP of Publisher Development & GM / Ad Technology Company / Open River client

“Our company is especially challenging for staff recruiting. Our product and business model innovation requires targeting an extremely small pool of people. Further, candidate personality must be quite different than the “norm” in their respective industry to be able to succeed. And if all that wasn’t enough, we are located in a geographically challenging location; the people we need are not near us. I have been working with Open River Group, Inc. for the last several years. During this time I was repeatedly amazed at the depth and effectiveness of Open River’s team involvement in the search. Open River helped us understand our own needs and reshape our recruiting strategy and target candidates for better success. With their help, we were able to define the “ideal person”: his personality, experience, background, and current employment. As the search progressed, Open River constantly analyzed the results of each interview and fine-tuned accordingly the search for the next candidate. The resulting resumes were highly relevant: we could have hired almost each of the people presented. And indeed, our top company’s contributors were hired through Open River Group, Inc. These hires have become an integral part of our management team and directly contributed to our shareholder value. In the last few years I do not even bother working with any other firm, and consider Open River Group, Inc. our internal recruiting partner.”

VP of Sales / Intellectual Property Company / Open River client

“Although in my experience there are many things that make a professional search for a key executive work, two stand out in my mind. One is the ability to read people and understand what they really are, despite what the resume indicates. The other is fully understanding the requirements that a company has outlined for an executive role, and actually producing candidates that meet or exceed them. Kirill does both really well. After a one-hour lunch meeting with Kirill and two key executives of mine about a project he wanted our opinion on, Kirill called me for a further conversation. He asked me if one of the execs was really working out for the role we had him in. Surprised, I questioned him why he asked. The answer was that in the lunch conversation earlier he had picked up some strong vibes from our guy that indicated to Kirill he might not be the right fit for this role. It turns out Kirill was on the money; we knew we had a big problem with a mismatch, but were thinking of our best way to fix the situation, and had not told anyone else about our conclusions. As to the second skill mentioned, Kirill recently sent me a candidate for a CEO role after spending time with me and my partners understanding what we wanted and why. The person he sent was an excellent fit, and a major cut above most other candidates we have seen. Now we have ended up with two extremely good candidates including Kirill’s, and have the luxury of picking the best for our company’s particular needs.”

Board Member / Open River client

“Kirill has been a true partner in addressing our recruiting needs. He took a very consultative approach to understanding the types of people we were looking for, and the proof is in the results: We have hired some great people that we would not have found on our own.”

VP of Product Management / Open River client

Candidate Testimonials

Ninja training is awesome, ironed out so many kinks in my narrative. I cant thank you enough for it.

VP of Sales / AdTech Company / Open River candidate

“With 20+ years in the high tech industry I’ve worked with countless recruiters, as both a candidate and a hiring manager, and Kirill definitely has earned the top spot on the ‘excellence’ list! Kirill clearly understands the value of investing the time to understand both his client and the candidate to ensure a win-win with every placement. Going far beyond the traditional approach of assessing surface-level needs and capabilities, Kirill also listens ‘between the lines’ to understand not only the product but the personalities and philosophies of all parties. The resulting insight, combined with outstanding attention to detail and coaching, made for the most efficient and painless interview and hiring process I’ve ever experienced. I especially appreciated that Kirill always made me feel as though he was as invested in my success as he was in that of the client. He is truly a gifted ‘matchmaker’ and I’ll look forward to the pleasure of working with him again.

SAAS Sales Executive / Largest Search Engine in the World / Open River candidate

“The team at Open River facilitated the most pleasant hiring process that I have experienced. Kirill and Barbara at Open River stand heads high above the rest. Always the consummate professional, Kirill builds productive relationships with the employer and prospective employees. It was refreshing to work with a recruiter who knew all about the position, the people and the company in precise detail. I’m really impressed that Kirill went the extra distance and followed up with me a couple times after I was hired to make sure everything was going smoothly.”

Technology Sales Executive / Ad Analytics Company / Open River candidate

“Every single recruiter says we care, we take the time. But having dealt with many recruiters before, I can say Kirill is different. He spent a lot of time talking with me over the phone. I think our initial talk was 30 or 40 minutes, and then a follow-up once he had a candidate in mind. He asked me what I wanted to do with my career and really prepped me for the interview, and took me through how to do a good interview. Which was great advice, and it’s definitely benefitted me beyond that particular experience. He kept me informed all along the process and was open and honest about everything that was happening. It was a very thorough, very different experience.”

SEO & SEM Specialist / Open River candidate

“I can’t say kind enough words about Kirill of Open River. He clearly puts a lot of effort into not only placing his prospects but more importantly in researching and making certain that the position is right for the candidate and that the candidate is fitting for the position. I have been pleased with the position in which Kirill assisted in placing me, and it is obvious this is due to the care that Kirill puts in his work. Further, Kirill was very hands-on and helpful throughout the application and interview stages, making the entire process very manageable.”

Sales Engineer / Major Audience Network / Open River candidate

“I first met Kirill just over a year ago when he contacted me about an opportunity. It was during our phone call in preparation for the interview where I learned of his incredible ability to listen between the lines. An hour and a half later, he had deconstructed who I thought I was and how I viewed myself, and reconstructed me into a person that was capable of far more than I’d ever thought. The lessons learned during that conversation with Kirill have stayed with me and positively influenced both my personal and professional life. A year later, a promotion, and awaiting a second interview for another career advancement; I found myself struggling to interpret the true requirements of the job description in order to position myself as the best candidate for the job. Kirill’s name immediately came to mind and when I reached out to him, he was more than willing to help and didn’t disappoint. He quickly dissected the situation and crafted a plan that not only made perfect sense to me, but when executed a few days later, worked out immensely better than we had planned. My career changed for the better the day Kirill found me and he’s become a trusted resource with whom I hope to work with again.”

Digital Producer / Interactive Agency / Open River candidate

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